Watersport holiday Zeeland

The islands of Zeeland have a lot to offer for water sports enthusiasts! The numerous lakes and of course the North Sea offer plenty of possibilities. Groenendijk's holiday homes in Burgh-Haamstede, Ouddorp, Renesse and Scharendijke are the ideal base for a real water sports holiday!

See below an overview of the places and water sports that can be done.

Kite surfing in Zeeland

Zeeland is the perfect destination for kitesurfers. All the islands are surrounded by the North Sea, the Oosterschelde and the Westerschelde estuaries, which means there are plenty of places to go when the wind blows.

Check the Vertigo website for the right kite spot and wind directions.

Kite destination and holiday accomodations Schouwen-Duiveland

Are you looking for a holiday destination that is close to one of the best kite surf spots in Zeeland? Then Boutique Resort Schaardijk is the perfect location for you. The properties are located at the Grevelingenmeer and within reach from the most popular surf spot Brouwersdam! Just 10 minutes by bike (which you can hire from us here) and you will find yourself at the best kite spots that Zeeland has to offer. There is also a large rinsing and hanging area for your wetsuit and gear.

Boutique Resort Schaardijk is a resort with 15 holiday homes and 4 holiday flats around a cosy courtyard. Boutique Resort Schaardijk is situated in a unique spot with both the North Sea and Grevelingenmeer within easy reach.

Golf surfing in Zeeland and Domburg

The favourite spot for many surfers is Domburg. This spot gets the most swell and therefore the most waves.

Surfing accommodation in Renesse

Renesse takes high waves and is therefore a perfect destination for both surfers and kite surfers. We offer a lovely beach house for the real surfer with even an infrared sauna to relax from all your workouts. Check and book one of our accommodations in Renesse.

Windsurfing in Zeeland

Just as for kite surfers, Zeeland is a unique destination for windsurfers. There are a number of suitable spots. One of them is near Vrouwenpolder, on the Oosterschelde at Sophiastrand, also known as the beach at Roompot Beach Resort.

Of course Scharendijke is the ideal holiday destination for windsurfers who either want to go to sea at the Brouwersdam or prefer to go windsurfing at the Grevelingenmeer. Check out our offer for the perfect water sports holiday destination in Scharendijke.

Diving in Zeeland

Divers will eat their hearts out in this beautiful area. After the completion of the Brouwersdam in 1972, the village became a centre for water sports and attracted many new residents. With the North Sea beaches and Grevelingen Lake within walking distance, Scharendijke is the ideal place for surfing, sailing and diving. Divers in the Netherlands regard the diving areas "Het Koepeltje", "Scharendijke Haven" and "Nieuwe Kerkweg" as hotspots of Grevelingenmeer.