We are a family business that has been active in real estate for 80 years. Where our great-grandfather was mainly still building, his son and grandson took over and adhered to the "build and keep" principle. So they built and then owned and rented it out. All the experience in building and maintaining all this property is still very useful. We know how it feels that your "pride" is and remains well maintained. Maintenance is preservation.

The 4th generation, brother and sister, have added another branch, namely renting out and managing recreational homes. Again, all the experience came in handy! Although this branch is still relatively young, we are already experiencing quite a growth of which we are very proud. We distinguish ourselves precisely in special houses, for which we work with heart and soul to make our guests enjoy themselves as much as possible. We also lovingly rent out holiday homes from third parties or offer a so-called "care package" for owners of holiday homes. It is precisely this personal attention that makes us who we are and what we want to radiate to our customers and guests.

We also try to pass on the love for "our Zeeland" as much as possible. This starts with tips and places of interest in the area, but also with advice on how to deal with the nature around us, water use and so on. Of course we drive electric! The Groenendijk team is consciously working on corporate social responsibility and we strive for a policy that is as sustainable as possible.