House rules

House rules for guests of Groenendijk Rentals

At all of our houses you can park your car at the house. There are sometimes adapted rules due to limited space. These will always be communicated to you separately.
At our houses pets are allowed. The maximum number of pets allowed may vary per house. The correct number will always be mentioned separately in the specifications of the house. At the house where your pet is welcome, it must always be kept on a leash outside the garden. Please do his / her needs outside the park and do not cause any nuisance to local residents. If your pet has done his/her needs in the garden, we expect you to clean it up. Your pet should be well behaved and not cause any damage to the furniture. A pet is not allowed in the sleeping quarters and on (sitting) furniture. We expect you to pay the necessary attention to this.

We do not have special facilities for your pet such as baskets, blankets and feeding troughs. You have to take care of this yourself. Only a pre-registered pet is welcome. We charge 25,- euro per pet per stay for extra cleaning.

  • It is forbidden to smoke in all our homes and lodgings.
  • It is of course wonderful to listen to music, but please take your neighbors into account. Some parks have adapted rules. You will find the house rules specific to your house in the welcome folder in the house.
  • It is not allowed to make an open fire outside. You may use the barbecue and if there is a fireplace you may use it.
  • Candles are very cozy, but do not leave them unattended!
  • Our homes are exclusively intended for recreational purposes. You may not use our homes for purposes other than those for which they are intended.
  • It is not permitted to place a tent, trailer tent or caravan in or near the accommodation.
  • The supplied bed linen and towels must be used in the house. It is not permitted to use the bed linen outside.  The bed linen and towels are on loan and may not be taken home.
  • After your stay please collect the beds and put the bed linen in a laundry bag. Put the towels in the second laundry bag.
  • Furniture for indoor use should also stay inside the house.
  • In case of strong wind and/or rain, please raise the awnings and fold in the parasols. This should also be done on departure.
  • You can put your household waste in the containers provided. For house-specific rules you will find the explanation in the welcome folder of the house. The bins in the houses should be emptied upon departure, as should the dishwasher.
  • It is not allowed to bring and use electrical appliances that consume a lot of energy (e.g. heaters or sun skies).
  • We have a "Fair use policy". An average electricity, water and gas consumption has been established per holiday home. If you go a little over that, there is nothing wrong. However, if you go well over it, an additional bill can be sent to you afterwards to make you pay the excessive difference.
  • If you have made any damage or breakage, please be so kind as to report it to us.
  • We will make sure that there is a BBQ with every home. You will need to provide your own charcoal or briquettes. After use we assume that you leave the BBQ clean so that the next guests can use it again.
  • Hanging garlands by means of double-sided tape or drawing pins is not allowed. The use of confetti inside and outside is not allowed.

Final cleaning:

Our houses are cleaned by a professional cleaning company according to the current Corona protocols. See our website for this. In addition, one of our managers always checks the house and makes it ready for the arriving guests. We try to keep our cleaning costs as low as possible for you. This is sometimes quite difficult.

What we ask of you when you leave:

  • You pick up the beds yourself and put the bedding in the laundry bag.
  • You put all used towels in the other laundry bag.
  • Leave the dishes clean in the cupboards and not in the dishwasher.
  • The lights are off and the fridge and freezer are empty.
  • The rubbish bins are empty and the waste is put in the designated containers.
  • The fireplace drawer is empty.
  • Awnings are up and parasols are folded.
  • The heating is low.
  • You make sure the house is broom clean.
  • The furniture is in its original place, as is the outdoor furniture.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that people leave their waste, full dishes, empty bottles, beds still made, in the house after leaving. This costs the cleaning and our manager extra time and therefore money. In order not to confront every guest with an increased cleaning price, we have decided to only charge the person who has not left the house according to our house rules for the extra cleaning costs.

We trust in your understanding and hope to charge these extra costs as little as possible.

You can expect quality and soundness from us. Should there be any defects or problems during your stay, please let us know immediately so that we can take action.

Complaints or suggestions

Despite our concern, it is possible that you have a complaint or suggestion. Please let us know in good time so that we can maintain and/or improve our service and quality and do something about it immediately during your stay. 
As a guest, you are liable for any damage caused during your stay and are obliged to report this immediately. Also damage caused by your fellow guests, and damage/breakage etc., which are already present or visible upon arrival, must be reported immediately upon arrival. In the event of damage/breakage etc. being reported afterwards, we will not be able to trace the damage/breakage and will then be at the expense of the current tenant.


We are not liable for any damage and/or injury caused as a result of staying on our grounds, or damage and/or injury caused by the use of the facilities available on the grounds.
We cannot accept any liability for noise nuisance, nuisance etc. experienced during the stay in and around our homes caused by third parties in the broadest sense of the word.
We cannot be held liable if during your stay facilities or facilities become unavailable and/or are out of use. However, we will of course do our utmost to have repairs, repairs or replacements carried out as soon as possible and provide a solution with which you will be satisfied.


Use and occupancy by a maximum of 6 persons (in a 6-person house) or by 4 persons (in a 4-person house). This does not include a child up to a maximum of 2 years of age, using any child's bed available.
The tenant in whose name the confirmation is written is the main tenant and is therefore also liable for his or her possible fellow tenants. The rental agreement is personal and it is not permitted to rent out or occupy all or part of our house(s) to others. If someone other than the main tenant, but someone from the travel company, picks up the key, we would like to hear this in advance.  

If the above house rules are not complied with, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures. In case of loss or alienation of our property we will report this to the police.
Our general terms and conditions apply to all our bookings. These will always be sent to you with your booking confirmation and can also be viewed separately on our website.